T.G. Stegall Trucking Company

T.G. Stegall not just among the oldest trucking companies hiring in Charlotte, NC, it is the most elite and most experienced. The reason T.G. Stegall has thrived since 1950 is due to the extreme care we put into customer service. Every detail of every shipment is covered from top to bottom. We not only meet customer expectations but we continue to go above and beyond what customers have come to expect. Flexibility is also a specialty at T.G. Stegall as we are willing to drop off one of our trailers at your desired time. No matter what kind of adjustments we have to make to meet customer needs, our team is willing to go that extra mile. Our entire team is fully trained with an ongoing commitment to excellence and truck safety. High standards are always met and you will find that T.G. Stegall is not like many other trucking companies in Charlotte, NC. There is a reason our trucking company has survived for more than 60 years. Truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC of all kinds are handled by our competent staff of professionals. We have learned all the ins and outs of the trucking business so that our customers can enjoy the utmost benefits. Trucking jobs in North Carolina and nationwide have just become a bit easier with T.G. Stegall.

Make the most of outsourcing your transportation needs by using TG Stegall Trucking. We can develop a solution to suit your needs and ensure profitability – from constructing your daily schedule to developing a complete logistics program.

Founded in 1950 with Over 50 Years In The Industry

Based in Charlotte, NC, TG Stegall Trucking was founded in 1950 by Triston G. Stegall, Sr.. With over 50 years in the trucking industry, we have the experience and expertise to ensure quality service and timely delivery. Our general commodity authority extends throughout the Continental US and we have daily terminations along the east coast. With a broad range of services, we’re sure to satisfy your needs.

Our mission is to provide dependable service beyond the customer’s expectations. We want to become a partner in your business and give you everything you need from a carrier. Because we concentrate on your bottom line and on helping you achieve your goals, you have more time to spend on other matters that need your attention. Let us impress you and we can build a relationship that lasts and is mutually profitable.

Outstanding Service & Flexibility

TG Stegall Trucking remains the oldest trucking company in Charlotte for a reason: top-notch customer care. You’re not a number to us like at some companies. With 50 tractors and 200+ trailers, we’re big enough to handle a variety of jobs, but small enough to treat every customer like extended family.

Your long-term satisfaction is extremely important to us, so we set very high standards for our drivers and our company — which means you can expect excellent safety, dependability, and service. (Of course, we maintain appropriate insurance coverage to protect you and our drivers, just in case something happens.)

We’re also willing and able to be flexible. We can drop trailers at your facility for your loading convenience, or drop them at your customer’s location. And thanks to our long experience and nimble management we can make decisions quickly.


The year was 1950. North Korea invaded South Korea. “All About Eve” won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Triston G. Stegall, Sr. founded TG Stegall Trucking.

Stegall began by hauling exempt commodities such as produce, poultry, animal feed, and other products that required no operating authority. He managed his small operation by driving the vehicle himself and servicing areas along the east coast.

The trucking operation expanded beyond expectations and Stegall found himself buying more equipment just to meet the needs of his customers – he was renowned for his outstanding service and competitive rates.

Stegall and his wife had six children – 5 boys, 1 girl – and he put the boys to work at a very young age. They loaded and unloaded. They drove trucks. They serviced vehicles. In no time, the kids knew the business inside and out. After college, Stegall moved the boys into management.

Today, Stegall’s children own the company and these five men are driving it to the next level. Continually striving to be a successful, reputable carrier in the trucking industry, we hope that the company will still provide outstanding service to our customers for the next fifty years and beyond.

Facts & Figures

Safety Rating Satisfactory
Authority Common. Contract. Brokerage.
H/M Yes. Registration # 051701-006-010J
Federal ID # 56-1200889
MC # 145516
DOT # 48007
EDI Capable Yes.

Freight Class

TG Stegall Trucking is licensed to transport the following freight classes:

  • Foodstuffs and Frozen Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Furniture
  • Medical Supplies
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Plastic Products
  • Paper Products
  • Apparel

EDI Capabilities

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) TG Stegall’s EDI capabilities are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. By using EDI for Freight Bills, it helps us minimize costs and ensure the accuracy of every order. We are always expanding our EDI capabilities to achieve optimal customization and make working with TG Stegall Trucking as easy as possible for our customers.

Computer Capabilities

TG Stegall uses the latest in technology from TMW Systems for computer operations. The Trucking System® interfaces with ALK/PCMiler® for mileage access, Great Plains for accounting, DAC Services for driver verifications, and the ComData® network to manage all fuel transactions. With these advanced computer capabilities, TG Stegall Trucking can handle all of your reporting and informational needs.