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Owner operator jobs Charlotte

What to expect when you take an owner operator job with Stegall Trucking

Charlotte owner operator drivers may have a lot of questions that need to be answered when looking to obtain a job with T.G. Stegall. It only takes three to four days to begin driving once an application is filed. Two years of experience are necessary to join the T.G. Stegall family. Most of our drivers have weekends off and some even get the chance to go home mid week. Our Charlotte owner operators rarely have to worry about loading or unloading cargo as 98% of our shipments are no touch. But before our drivers take the road, they must be cleared by our safety department. There are also other job opportunities available for non owner operator drivers. If you are a mechanic on the hunt for a job with the best truck repair company in Charlotte, T.G. Stegall is the one and only stop for you. We make sure to hire quality drivers as we provide quality in return. Our employees and customers can vouch for the honor that comes with the T.G. Stegall name.


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1. Where does TG Stegall Operate?

Our primary lanes are the Upper Mid-West and the East Coast. We also have freight that takes us along the Gulf Coast region into Louisiana and Texas.

2. What driving experience is required?

If you contract under our operating authority, you would be operating under our insurance and therefore you and/or your driver will need to qualify to the same standards for insurance coverage as our company drivers which is at least one year of recent verifiable commercial driving experience, a good driving record with no DWIs, reckless driving, or any DOT disqualifying convictions. You must also have no felony convictions.

3. What is the oldest model year that my truck can be eligible for contract?

Your truck should be no older than 5 model years to qualify for contract.

4. How often do drivers get home?

Our drivers will get home virtually every weekend, and may even be able to get home in mid-week as well.

5. How much loading and unloading is required?

Most of our freight is either drop trailers, shipper load and consignee unload. Driver load or unload is approximately 98% no touch.

6. How long does it take to get work with TG Stegall Trucking?

Once we complete the processing of your application, which includes background checks, MVR review, and a drug screen, all run smoothly, you will be working within 3 or 4 days. Also during this process, your truck will be DOT inspected in our shop to confirm that it is road worthy.

7. What is the basis for paid miles?

All paid miles are based on PC-Miler computer generated miles. This is used for both loaded and empty miles that are dispatched to the truck.

8. Do I get paid Fuel Surcharges?

Yes. When our customers pay a fuel surcharge, then the full amount of that paid fuel surcharge is paid to the owner of the truck.

9. Will I need to establish a maintenance escrow account at the Stegall Shop?

If you choose to have maintenance or repairs completed in our shop, then yes. If you should choose to have any maintenance or repairs done outside our shop, then an escrow account would not be necessary.

10. Does TG Stegall Trucking operate in New York City?

As a general rule, we do not go into the city. We do deliver and pickup in the surrounding boroughs of New York City.

11. What is your rider policy?

Our policy is that any passenger must be cleared in advance by our safety department. The passenger must be between the ages of 16 and 70.

12. How does Settlement Pay work?

All trip miles, empty and loaded, will be paid as per your contract. Settlement checks will be available on Friday (noon) of each week. Your payroll is also available for Direct Deposit into your own account.