Trucking jobs and safety

Safety is a top priority at T.G. Stegall and we take this area extremely serious. All of our drivers are subjected to routine drug and alcohol testing during the course of their entire employment. However, our screening process starts before they begin their employment as it is part of the hiring process. Every one of our drivers receives a thorough background check as we make sure everyone who gets behind the wheel of one of our trucks is fully qualified. Safety is always the first concern in any of our trucking jobs in Charlotte, NC. Safety does not end with drivers as all of our machinery is subject to regular safety checks and routine maintenance. We have a top-of-the line in-house maintenance facility to make sure our fleet is running right. Our team carefully monitors all of our drivers to ensure none exceed any hourly restrictions. We aim for prompt delivery, but safety comes first during all of our trucking jobs in Charlotte, NC and throughout the rest of the United States. If you are looking for a Charlotte truck driver that can get can get the job done right, contacting T.G. Stegall should be your next move.

Transportation safety is an integral part of the success of any trucking company. At Stegall Trucking, we approach safety proactively. We expect our drivers to be experienced, safe, and certified under requirements that are more stringent than those imposed by the Department of Transportation. Because we set such high standards for our drivers and our company, you can expect the same standards in safety, dependability, and service.

We do, however, realize that unexpected events happen that are beyond anyone’s control. To remedy this, we have all the insurance coverage we need to protect you and our drivers if an accident does occur.

Some of our safety measures include:

  • Regular drug and alcohol testing
  • Background Checks to ensure a professional work history
  • Monitoring systems for Drivers Hours of Services so drivers without adequate hours are not dispatched.
  • As part of our driver qualification process, every applicant is personally tested for equipment knowledge and driving ability.
  • A safety bonus program rewards drivers for excellence in performance and compliance.
  • Regular service checks for tractors and trailers.
  • An in-house full-service maintenance facility to make sure equipment is kept within the utmost safety standards as determined by the US Department of Transportation.